Here you will find details of the many and unusual miniature baskets that I make. I concentrate on authenticity and accuracy. Designs are based on traditional examples that I find in country markets, where I am constantly astonished at the many ways our parents used basket work in their everyday lives. I try to follow traditional techniques and most of my challenge is to figure out how basket makers worked in the past. Being English but living in France I draw upon the rich traditions of both countries, struck by both the similarities and the differences in the basket maker's craft in each country.

I have developed a wide range of traditional basket shapes for all purposes and many of these will be found on this web site. Many are new models developed in the last 12 months. I have widened my range to now include furniture such as chairs, tables and sofas. I like new challenges so if you cannot see what you are looking for, or would like to commission something, please contact me via this website or by phone on +33 476 06 66 85.

Traditional wicker does not work well on a miniature scale so I use linen thread and wire. This allows me to reproduce almost any shape in 1/12th scale and an ever-increasing range of 1/24th scale (Most of the 1/12th scale baskets can be made in 1/24th scale). Each basket is hand finished, in either an antique dark brown or a paler natural wicker colour. I also have made increasing use of Colours, Stripes and Two-tone finishes. Dimensions are given in millimetres and as with any hand crafted object can vary a little.

Meet me when I exhibit at the Kensington Dolls House Festival in London on May 13,14 and 15.